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When I first started photography- I was overwhelmed. There are so many things to learn and it is hard to know what you even need to know! I wish I would have had someone to guide me along the way and answer all my questions. So now, I want to be that person for YOU! 

Whether you are just starting out and are looking for someone to help you break into manual mode or want to level up your game in another way- I gotchu. 

Take your pick:

Package 1 

Package 2 

Package 1 / The whole shebang

Follow along on a shoot with me to learn just how I work with my couples! See how I pose, interact, and get my couples comfortable in front of the camera. After our session together, we will set up an hour zoom call for you to ask any followup questions and go over post production techniques! 

-Pre-session Questionnaire
-45 Minute Shoot with me Session
-1 Hour “Ask Me Anything” Zoom Session afterwards  

What’s included:


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Package 2 / 1 hour Zoom sesh 

ASK ME ANYTHING! For this zoom sesh, I will send you a questionnaire to see where you are at in your business and where you are looking to go! In that questionnaire you can list out all the topics you are hoping to cover! 

- client experience
- booking process
- posing
- editing
- social media
- workflow

we can discuss anything such as:


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inquire about a mentorship