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I am so stoked you made it this far. Getting to know you guys is so important to me, so gimme all the deets! Tell me about your love story, your vision for our time together, and anything else you wanna share!
Once you slide into these dm's, I'll be in touch with you within 2-3 business days. 



PS incase ya missed it-

Let the adventure begin!

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Here's the thing. 90% of the couples in my portfolio told me the exact. dang. thing. You aren't models, and I am not expecting you to be. I am here for the real stuff. Let me tell you- when you and your lover are snuggling up and making jokes together- there's no way you COULD look awkward. Just be yourselves and your photos will reflect that! If you want to, bring things along that are important to you both we could use! Do you LOVE beer? Heck yeah- let's get photos of you guys shotgunning. Do you love chillin in your hammock? Bring it along. It's all about you- think of it as a date- not a photoshoot!


We are awkward. We've never had our photos taken- what do we do?

HECK YES. I'll already be looking up plane tickets the second you slide into my DM's. I love traveling and even have a list of bucket list locations with special pricing! 


Do you travel?

Yes! I am here to help you along the entire way. For elopements- I can help you find airbnb’s, get permits, help you find the location of your dreams, find cheap plane tickets (it is honestly my hidden talent), and anything else you need! For weddings, I am always there to consult on timelines or anything else you need! I gotchu babes.


Can you help in the planning process?

For couples and lifestyle sessions my turnaround time is 2-3 weeks. 

For my weddings & elopements my turnaround time is 8 weeks. I know that's a hot minute, so I always send you a sneak peek gallery within 48 hours! That way you can relive your day over and over until you get your final gallery!!!!


What is your turnaround time?

To have a fun experience that leaves you with lasting memories of your love! I will have you do silly things like walking towards me while bumping hips or attacking each other in kisses to capture the love and laughter in your relationship!!! Prompting over posing gives the opportunity for all your photos to be unique to you. No one else hugs the way you do, no one else kisses the way you two do, and no one else loves the way you two do. THAT is what we are all about capturing here :) Overall, the goal is to make your photoshoot into a fun date with your love! 


What can I expect during a photoshoot with you?

I love to keep things super simple and easy for you guys! After we decide on what package best fits you, I will send your contract + invoice. Once your retainer is paid, I have you officially booked!!! From there- you will receive a few files including a questionnaire about your timeline and my wedding experience guide. If your package comes with an engagement session or you add one on, you will also receive my outfit and location guide!!


What is your booking process like?

travel schedule

Getting to capture love stories while exploring my favorite places (or new ones) is where my passion lies. Dreaming of a destination not on the list? Le'ts add it.

February- Amsterdam, Italy, Greece
March - France 
September - Yosemite NP + Forks, WA 
October -  Sequoia NP + Yosemite NP + Forks, WA
November - Seattle, WA